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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I Want Sex

Why beat around the bush, right? I want to have sex. Two years ago my husband left me for a 20 year old girl. As of today, I still have not had sex. Why? Because I'm too afraid to jump back into the dating pool, too shy to go to any singles bar, too nervous about my body to approach anyone. I was always shy and lacking in confidence, but now that I am on my own it has become a lot worse. I secretly look at girls and guys at work, fantasizing about them, wanting them.

I created this blog because I want somewhere to write my thoughts. I'm also hoping I might meet one of my readers for no-strings sex. If I fall in love with someone, wonderful, but if all I get is a good, long, dirty fucking ... then wonderful too!

One thing you should know is that I've always been very sexual. My ex-husband was my one and only sex partner but that is because I suffer from shyness. I've always had dirty thoughts, always masturbated at least once a day, and when I was married sex was given at every opportunity. Some days I couldn't even wait to finish dinner, I'd have to sit on hubby's lap and ride up and down, as he tried to cut into his steak!

So, even if I get sex, I'll still keep writing in this blog ... because I always want sex.

Right now though, this blog seems like the best idea I've had in years. It turns me on writing dirty (and I love that sensation of being turned on, almost as much as sex itself) and I think it'll be healthy and fun to get my thoughts into some kind of tangible arrangement. Finding someone off here, a reader, would be great too. So, all in all, I think talking about my lustful desires, and even the acts themselves if they happen, is going to be fun and healthy.

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